How do I cancel the premium weather subscription?


1. Go to the web version of Google Play Store and visit DigiCal's (free version) store page(

2. Log in with your Google Play Store account (Google account).

3. Here you will find your activated app subscription for DigiCal.

4. Just click on the cancel button , if you wish to terminate the subscription.

5. After the cancellation, you should shortly receive an email from Google Play Store with an confirmation.

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    Malcolm Davis

    Yes. I've come across these instructions before but the link just takes me to the Play Store which just states that I already has have the app installed. Can you be more specific? To answer your other question, my problem is with a Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 running Android v4.3.

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    I've just updated this help article with screenshots. I hope it's clearer now.

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    David Jirovec

    Any plans on adding unsubscribe button to the application? It is confusing, that subscribing is done from application, but unsubscribing is done from play store.

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