How do I invite someone to an event?


Please note that sharing an event is NOT the same as inviting someone to an event.

For more information on how to share event details, click here: Share your events with others with the new 'Share-via' function.

To invite someone to an event

1. Go to the edit event window by creating a new event or edit an existing event
2. Scroll down to Guests


3. Type in the email addresses of your guests

4. An invitation will be sent to the person's email address.

5. In the view event screen you can see the status of your invitations:

  • Guests that have accepted your invitation have a checkmark in upper right corner of the avatar
  • Guests that have rejected the invitation display an X in upper right corner of avatar)
  • Guests that indicated maybe, will display a question mark
  • Guests that have not yet responded are indicated by the envelope icon. 



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