Free vs. premium weather forecast subscriptions: should I upgrade?


Will I need to bring an umbrella today? Is next Sunday a good day for a BBQ? Can I wear t-shirt and shorts when I go on vacation to Barcelona?

DigiCal offers seamless integration of worldwide weather forecasts in all the calendar views as well as all the widgets. Free weather forecasts are shown for the current day and the next 2 days, for a single selected location.

To completely replace your old weather app we also offer a premium weather subscription. The premium subscription provides weather forecasts up to 15 days, an interactive graph illustrating temperature and precipitation, and the ability to set multiple weather locations and easily switch between them with the handy slide menu bar.

DigiCal (free version) or DigiCal+ (paid version) users can purchase the in-app weather subscription through the Google Play Store for EUR/USD 2.50 per year. A yearly subscription fee for this service is required as we ourselves need to pay fees for the data services supporting this feature.

To learn how to activate the premium weather subscription (or 14 day trial), please read the following article.



Free integrated weather forecast features:

  1. Worldwide weather forecasts in 6 calendar views and all 6 widget types.
  2. Daily weather forecast for today and the next 2 days
  3. Detailed weather page: humidity, precipitation, pressure, cloud cover, wind, sunrise and sunset times



Premium subscription advanced weather forecast features:

  1. Detailed hourly weather forecast for the next 48 hours, and 3 hourly for the next 15 days
  2. Interactive temperature and precipitation graph in the weather page
  3. Easy location management : quickly edit and save your favorite weather locations


48 hours forecasts are displayed in the temperature and precipitation graph 


Manage multiple weather locations with premium weather subscription



7 days forecasts displayed in the temperature and precipitation graph


Next 8-15 days forecasts displayed in the temperature and precipitation graph 

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