No weather forecasts available?


If you don't see any weather at all please follow the below steps. If you have premium weather and you are reverting to the 3 free days of weather, then please check this help page instead:

1. Make sure your device has good internet connection, otherwise DigiCal won't be able to retrieve weather forecasts from our servers.

2. Check if you haven't accidentally disabled the weather forecast option in the preferences menu.


If you are not seeing the weather in your widgets please also check if you don't have weather disabled in the widget configurations.


3. Change the weather location in DigiCal, it will force DigiCal to refresh the weather forecasts.

4. Make sure that you have enabled Location Service.

- Allow apps to use Google's location service.


*Please also make sure you have the latest version of DigiCal installed as some devices were experiencing issues in older versions of DigiCal.

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