How do I add a location in my calendar event? (DigiCal 1.1.9 or lower)


Adding a location to your event has never been easier. Just type in the name of the place (cafe, store, and park) and DigiCal will look up the address for you and save it to your event.

After you have added the location to your appointment, Google Now (Android 4.1+) will know where you’ll need to go. It will keep an eye on the current traffic, plan your route and notify you when you should leave.


How to add location to your event

1. First select the event that you want to add a location to and click on > to view more event details. 


2. When in view event screen,click on the edit button (round blue icon with pencil)


3. Click on Location and this will open a location entry view. 


4. There are 3 ways to enter the location

a. Enter the name of the place. You can enter the name of the station, hotel, restaurant, museum, etc and the location search will look it up for you.


B. Enter the address: Google Places will automatically query some locations based on what you enter. If Google Places does not return a list, you can still add the location to your event by clicking the ✓ icon. 



C. Click on 'Find on map': This will open a map view where you can enter the location by typing or long-pressing a location on the map. 



5. Save the location

When you have added the location, click on the  icon in upper right corner to save the event. 


6. View location

When you open the event, you will see the full address of the location in the event pop-up. Also in the view event details screen, you will see the fill address with the respective map. If you tap on the map, it will take you to Google Maps with the address filled in.



7. Navigate to location

From here you can make use of Google Maps to navigate to your destination!


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