Calendar views: Month view (old version)



Like on any other view, you can use the navigation spinner on the top left to switch views and swipe left or right to navigate to the previous or next view.

You can also double tap a day or a week number to zoom in.


New event and paste

To create a new event or paste an event, tap and hold an event or an empty spot in the events list. The event will be inserted after the selection ends or after the last event. If there are no events planned, the new event will be inserted at the current time.

Tip: to place an event quickly on a specific time, double tap the day to zoom in, then press and hold the right time.


Selection, cut and copy

Tap any event to select it, and use the contextual action bar on the top to cut or copy it. There's also a shortcut to edit or delete the event here.



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