Overview of the 7 calendar views of DigiCal


To switch between the 7 calendar views, tap on the menu in the top left corner (3 horizontal bars). This will bring out the hamburger menu where you can switch between views as well as set a default view (via the star).


1. Day View

The day view is great for keeping you focused on the daily schedule. The daily weather is also integrated into the toolbar. 

To learn more about this view: day view


2. Week View

The week view gives you a great overview of your events of the week. This view is ideal for editing, moving, copying and pasting events. You can pinch to zoom in for a closer view of your activities. 

To learn more about this view: week view


3. Week Agenda View

The week agenda view resembles the look and feel of a paper organizer. You can see all your appointments of the week at a glance.

To learn more about this view: week agenda view


4. Month View

In the month view, events are displayed as graphical bars and dots in the calendar. For a textual description of your events, tap a day and a list of events will be displayed in the list below the calendar. 

To learn more about this view: month view


5. Text Month View

The text month view allows you to see your appointments in a single glance. When there are too many appointments showing up in a single day, just scroll to see the next appointments. 

To learn more about this view: text month


6. Agenda (List) View

In the agenda view you can easily scroll through all your appointments in chronological order. It’s great for flipping through your events.

To learn more about this view: agenda view


7. Year View 

The year view lets you quickly see which months or days have the highest concentration of events through a heat map. You can tap on any month to open that particular month in our text month view.

To learn more about this view: year view

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