Why are my DigiCal+ premium features not activated?


* If you are having license issues after June 27/28th, 2018 and bought DigiCal+ via the license key app:

There was a change on Google's end and some of our license checking features broke (for more info about this bug: https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/07/03/google-play-store-app-licensing-bug-putting-developers-horrible-spot/).
Google is releasing a new version of the Play Store app 10.7.19 that should fix the problem. If it's not available to you yet you can also manually update your Play Store app by downloading the apk file here: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/google-play-store/
Apologies for the trouble.


1. Check if you have access to DigiCal+. 

To test if your DigiCal+ license is still active, open DigiCal and check if you still have access to the DigiCal+ only features. For example, try to add the text month or month calendar widget to your home screen. Here's an overview of all the DigiCal+ features we offer.


2. Make sure you have BOTH DigiCal and DigiCal+ installed on your Android device.

The most common cause why DigiCal+ features are not activated is because DigiCal+ is uninstalled.

DigiCal+ is a license verification tool that we use to unlock the premium features already built into DigiCal. After you have installed DigiCal+ on your device, you will only need to start up DigiCal, since this is the main calendar application from where you will manage your calendar events.

Make sure you have installed both DigiCal (free version) and DigiCal+ (paid version) on your device under the Google account you used to make the purchase.

You can check your Google account in the upper right corner of the Play Store page when you access it on your PC:


3. Download error from Google Play Store

Sometimes an error can occur when downloading DigiCal on Google Play Store, just remove the app and download it again from Google Play Store. Here's a help page explaining how to solve a download error.


4. Enable background data for Google Play and ensure good internet connection

The license verification can also fail if you've disabled background data for the Google Play / Google Play Services, or if the data connection is too bad. 

5. Verification error with Google Play Store server

The default license verification has a very liberal retry and grace timer, but it can still fail sometimes. If this happens, connect to a strong Wi-Fi network and restart DigiCal by closing and launching again. 


6. Check if your DigiCal+ purchase is still active. 

  • Go to (https://play.google.com/store)
  • Log in with your Google account
  • Select the setting button (cogwheel icon) on the right top corner
  • Choose my orders
  • Check if your order status for DigiCal+ is still active (complete)

We noticed that some users bought DigiCal+ using a different Google Play Store account and when they set up a new Google account, they find out that they have to pay again for DigiCal+. Please note that all your app purchases are linked to one specific Google account.

If you are not sure with which account you bought DigiCal+, you can look it up on your invoice from Google Play Store.


7. Re-install DigiCal and DigiCal+ using the web version of Google Play Store

1. Start your web browser and go to web version of Google Play Store to download DigiCal and DigiCal+. Select the sign in button in the top right corner to sign in with your Google account that is active on your Android device(s)

*Please be aware that uninstalling DigiCal will clear your preferences, widget settings, and any color changes you've made to your calendars or individual events via the DigiCal app. Please also make a backup of any local calendars you have. 


2. Log in with your Google account that is active on your Android device.

 3. Download the app



4. Check if DigiCal is successfully installed on your device.


8. Still not working? Don't worry! Contact our support desk for further assistance.

If you still cannot get access to the DigiCal+ features, please contact our support desk (digical@digibites.nl) and provide us your order number that's stated on your Google Play Store invoice. Here's a help page explaining where to find your order number.

Don't worry, we will help you get DigiCal+ on your device or we will refund your purchase.

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