Widget tutorial part 4 - Overview of the 9 widget themes


We have created 9 beautiful preset widget themes, so you can easily change your widget design without all the hassle of constantly changing the widget configurations!

The widget themes Holo Light and Holo Dark are available in DigiCal, as for the other 7 widget themes (Alpha Light, Alpha Dark, Alpha Blue, Cotton Candy, Passion Red, Purple Melody and Pink Sunrise) are DigiCal+ only. If you are unfamiliar with how to switch your widget themes, here is a tutorial explaining how it works.

 Some tips on what background goes well with some of our widget themes:

  • Holo light, pink sunrise and cotton candy are suitable for all background.
  • Holo dark goes better with lighter background.
  • Alpha light, dark and blue requires dark background.
  • Purple melody and red passion goes well with some lighter background.

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