How to change your widget font style (DigiCal+)


Here, we're going to explain how to change your widget font style.

Please note that this DigiCal+ feature is only available for Android 4.1+ and that the font style 'thin' is only available for Android 4.2+ 

1.To adjust your font style, go to your widget configuration by tapping the cog wheel on the widget.

2. Tap on "Font style" and you will be presented with Thin, Light, Normal and Condensed font styles.

3. After you have chosen a different font style, the font style will immediately shows up in the preview for changing font size. 

Note: The preview shows you what your font will look like in the app. It is possible that your chosen system (default) font does not work well with the font style for the widget. In the example, the system font type has been changed to cool jazz. You can see from the example that the font styles Light and Normal are the same. You will need to change your system font style, if you want to make use of the font styles as displayed at point 2.

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