How do I become a beta tester for DigiCal?


There is a two-step process you need to follow to become a beta tester. 

1. Join DigiCal Beta Group on Google+

To get access to the latest beta release for DigiCal, please join our Google+ Community "DigiCal Beta Group". 



2. Sign up to become a beta tester

You can sign up by clicking this Google Play link. You'll now receive DigiCal updates from the Play Store whenever we push out a new Beta release (in addition to the regular releases).



3. To leave the beta test, select "Leave the test".

If you want to leave the beta testing group, it's not necessary to uninstall the beta version.

If you want to leave the beta channel, the best way is to select "leave the test", on this page, then wait until the next DigiCal update.

This is the update that is available to all users and once you move to that version you'll remain on the regular users track.


NOTE: Uninstalling DigiCal will cause you to lose your widget settings, app preferences, and any color changes you've made to your calendars or individual events via the DigiCal app that were not synced to your calendar server. (DigiCal 2-way color syncing only works with Google Calendar accounts, this means all other calendar accounts will lose their DigiCal color settings and go back to default.

For Google Calendar users please see the 2-way color syncing help page for the exact explanation of what is synced and what isn't). 

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    Denis Dunin

    I received an advise from you but I was denied from Google cause I don't have your permission to be in the beta test users

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    Hi Denis, you have to make sure you are logged in using your personal google account (Play Store account). If you're using an organization google account, the administrator might have disabled your access to Google+, making it impossible for you to join our Beta group.

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    Angela Montgomery

    I have tried both the add to goggle+ and the Google link, both say error 403...please fix so I may join the beta group for testing. I love your digical app! keep up the awesome work!

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    Pollux DC

    Get an error 403 when trying to go to the Google+ group following your link above.

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    That's so strange, can you please contact our support (

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