How do I add or delete a device-local calendar with DigiCal? (Android 4.0+ required)


Besides offering the option to sync with online calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook Exchange, DigiCal also offers users the option to save a calendar on their local devices for Android 4.0+ devices. 

Our suggestion is to use online calendars as it syncs across different devices and makes everything more accessible and easier to manage. Local calendars don't sync with your PC/browser/other devices. Furthermore they also lack certain features such as sending invitation emails to guests or the ability to edit single events from a recurring series. However, if you really can't use an online calendar or still prefer to have your events saved locally on your device, then adding a device-local calendar with DigiCal is an option.

Please be aware that when you uninstall DigiCal or clear DigiCal's app data, clear the phone's calendar storage or perform a factory reset, you will lose all the data in your local calendar. You can periodically create backups by saving your local calendar as an .ics file via third party apps such as:


1) Open the hamburger menu

2) Go to the calendars section and tap on the settings icon to open the calendars settings menu.


3) Click on the plus + on the upper right hand corner to add a calendar.

4) Tap on local calendar to create a local calendar via DigiCal

5) Enter the name of your calendar. You can also select the calendar color. Click okay when you are finished.

Please note that the device-local calendar will not synchronize across devices. 

6) The device-local calendar has now been created and is visible in your calendar list.

7) Tap on it if you want to change its visibility, color, or name

*For local calendars, synchronize needs to be turned on for it be available. You can then set its visibility via the show events toggle. If you want to hide A local calendar just turn off the synchronize toggle. ENABLING THE SYNCHRONIZE TOGGLE DOES NOT SYNC YOUR LOCAL CALENDAR WITH OTHER DEVICES OR YOUR COMPUTER

8) At the moment DigiCal only allows users to delete local calendars created via DigiCal. In your DigiCal local calendar you'll then see a trash can icon in the top right hand corner. Tap on it and press okay to confirm.




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