LVL license check issue


* If you are having license issues after June 27/28th, 2018 and bought DigiCal+ via the license key app:

There was a change on Google's end and some of our license checking features broke (for more info about this bug:
Google is releasing a new version of the Play Store app 10.7.19 that should fix the problem. If it's not available to you yet you can also manually update your Play Store app by downloading the apk file here:
Apologies for the trouble.



Sometimes after installing a new ROM or doing a factory reset and restoring your apps, you will get the following error message when opening DigiCal:

DigiCal+ LVL check finished. Purchased: false, reason: Received Google Play LVL response, don't allow: not licensed - please confirm order ID status, contact support.


This issue usually occurs when Digical and DigiCal+ are not installed from the same Google accounts. Please make sure you are using the same Google account you used to make the original purchase.

How to fix

  1. First, please completely uninstall both DigiCal and DigiCal+ (note: often it also works if you only un-install DigiCal+ so try that first).

  2. Then make sure you install both DigiCal and DigiCal+ from the Play Store (either from the web or via your device) when it's signed in to the same Google account.
    We recommend doing this via the web interface as sometimes installing it via the Play Store Android app still doesn't solve the issue. If this is the case for you please try going to your phone's settings > apps > Play Store > clear data. It's possible that something went wrong while restoring the Play Store app. 


*This issue can also occur after Google Play Store/Play Services is updated. In this case it's usually fixed by just restarting your phone. 

*If you have DigiCal 1.1.7. or older installed and also have lucky patcher on your phone you'll need to remove it to get DigiCal+ to work. In version 1.1.8 this was fixed, however if it breaks again in the future we don't have any plans to adjust DigiCal for lucky patcher. 

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    Ares Horde

    I have done all above, but DigiCal still say "Received Google Play LVL response, don't allow: not licensed", how can I fix it ????!

  • Avatar
    marco nicolosi

    I just purchased the Digical Plus and got this error. Did everything it said here, didn't help. Feel like i just wasted 5$. Please help me resolve this issue.

  • Avatar

    Hi Marco, I am sorry to hear about this. Can you please contact our support via, so we can help you solve the problem?

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