How do I download DigiCal+ from the web interface?


1) Go to DigiCal's Google Play Store page


2) In the top right hand corner log in to your Google account. *Make sure this is the same account you used to purchase DigiCal+ as all app purchases are tied to your Google account. 


3) Once you are logged in tap on the buy button. 



4) Select your device from the list and click Continue.

5) DigiCal+ will now install on your phone.

*Please make sure you have both DigiCal and DigiCal+ installed as DigiCal+ is only a licence verification tool that unlocks all the paid features from DigiCal. You can continue to open the calendar via the normal (free) DigiCal icon. 

*If your device is not listed, please make sure you are signed in to your Google account on your phone (phone settings > accounts > add a new account > Google)

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