MD1: 2 way color syncing (for Google Calendar accounts)


2-Way event color syncing is here!

From DigiCal version 1.2.0 on, you'll be able to sync individual event colors within your calendars with the Google Calendar server. Color changes you make to individual events via the DigiCal app will be reflected at and on other devices syncing with your Google Calendar account. Similarly, changes you make elsewhere and get synced with the server will result in the event color being changed in DigiCal as well.

This new feature only applies to individual events in your Google Calendar account and only if you pick from the set of Google supported colors (see below section about less color options).

If you want more color options but also need everything to remain synced it's recommended to set a default calendar color per calendar and then create multiple calendars. See for example: You can then pick any color from Google's color picker and it'll be synced correctly: To sync the default color of the entire calendar as opposed to just individual events, you can follow these steps: and change it to the option called "default". This will take the calendar color from the Google Calendar server. You can pick that color at on your computer (left hand side where you see a list of your calendars).


Priorities of your color settings:

In order from highest to lowest,

1a. Synced event color (Google Calendar users) 

1b. DigiCal custom color for the event. *Unless you have an existing event created using a version below 1.2.0, in that case those local colors will have priority until you change the event color for that event.

2. Custom default color for the calendar, set in DigiCal's calendar menu:

3. Color for the calendar as set in Google Calendar's web interface (Google Calendar users only). *You'll need to make sure you have the color set as "default" in DigiCal. Custom colors will work and carry over to DigiCal as well (except the color black which is due to an Android limitation.) 

Why are there less color options now for Google Calendar users? 

We've limited the event colors to the same set as Google Calendar so users can have their event colors sync with those of the Google Calendar server ('Google supported colors'). This way event colors will be the same on all your devices as well as online on your PC. We've added our own additional custom colors, these will then change to the closest Google Calendar event color and sync with the server that way ('DigiCal colors'). This means if you change phones the events will all end up in one of the Google supported colors and you'll lose the DigiCal colors. It's therefore recommended to stick with the Google colors or to set default calendar colors via the Google web interface as explained above.

For existing events created prior to the update:

If you have existing events for which you've previously changed event colors; the old custom colors will have priority, the next time you change the event colors for this event you'll only get the new event colors as available choices. Once you make the change the colors will then sync with the server. 

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