MD1: Improvements regarding: guests/invites/meetings/RSVP


For the organizer:

We've now added auto-complete. If your guest is in your contact list, DigiCal will automatically suggest matches as you begin typing. *Exchange directory will be added in the future

For invitees:

We've made the RSVP display more clear. You can choose to answer an invite with: accept, decline,or maybe. This can still be changed at a later time. We've also added 2 new buttons; one to send an email reply to the organizer of the event, and the other to send an email reply to all guests.

Other improvements:

You can quickly tell via the check mark, question mark, X, and the unopened email icon whether (other) invitees have replied with respectively: accept, maybe, decline, or whether they haven't made any decision yet. Tapping on a contact icon will let you view their profile (if you've set this up in your contact list). You can also tap on the contact and then their email address to send an email to that specific invitee. Lastly, if there are too many guests, they will we bundled together into the last icon (+3 in the screenshot). Tap on this icon to view the entire guest list.  

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