How do I get the calendars from my Google account to show in DigiCal?


1. Go to your device's Android settings




2. Scroll down to Accounts



3. Tap on  + Add account



A. Choose Google to sync with Google Calendar

B. If you already have a Google account (email), enter your email to sign in. Otherwise choose "Or create a new account" to create a new Google account. 

After sign in or account creation, your calendar is now synced!


5. After setting up the account:  

A. Please check whether the sync has been properly set up. In the settings, scroll to accounts and tap on the account you have recently created. 


B. Check to see what color the sync icon is


6. After you have set up your account, go to DigiCal's calendar menu and check if all your calendars are selected to be synced and selected to be visible in DigiCal.

7. Please don't disable or uninstall the stock calendar that came with your device as your device needs this to sync calendars correctly.


*If you still encounter syncing issues after set-up, please check our troubleshooting guide.


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