How to add Office 365 account?


For office 365 calendars we recommend trying the following:

Please decouple your office 365 email address from all the other accounts first (phone settings > accounts). You'll then need to go to phone settings > accounts > add calendar > Exchange, as you'll want to add it as an Exchange account. Then sign in with your 365 details. For the domain/server details please see below:

Please go to:
There's a section called: "Set up work or school email accounts that use Office 365"
On the right hand side there's a section called: Use the built-in Android mail app
The only takeaway from the help page is the manual set up, step 4.

Next please see our help page here:
If you follow the steps for users you'll see there's a part where it asks for manual set up and where you have to fill in email/domain/server etc. In our help page this is for users. You'll need to fill in the information described in the other website's step 4 instead.

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