How do I set default color for my event?




  • Marie P.

    We actually would like to know for AN EVENT, not the calendar itself. How do we change the default color of an event? It is currently blue. How do put another color? Thanks!

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  • Shelley Hewes

    Open the event and edit it. Tap on the color. Choose your new color. Save the changes.

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  • Amanda Reberger

    I don't understand how to own the navigation drawer. What do you mean swipe left to right??

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  • Marie Pontini

    I finally found out how to do it..
    1. Put your finger on the complete left side of your screen and slide to the right. A menu will show.
    2. Check the section that says Calendar and click on the little calendar in the right that has the parameters logo on it (like a wheel).
    3. Once you click, it will show all the calendars that you have. (My Samsung calendar, email calendar,) with a small square of color on the right.
    4. Find the one called MY CALENDAR. On its right, there is a small square of color, the actual color of a new event as it's setup now. Click on the little square.
    5. You will see "synchronize", then "show events" and at the bottom, "My calendar' with the square colored. Click on the square.
    6. It will show a list of color, just select the one you like then clic "Save". This color will be the default color of when you create a new event on the calendar. You're still gonna be able to modify the color of each event you create.
    7. You can do it to every calendar if you have many.

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