Send diagnostic event info


Follow these steps:

1. Open the navigation drawer from the left and tap on "Preferences"


2. Tap on "Developer options"



3. Check "Enable diagnostic tools"



4. Reproduce the bug (event specific)


5. Go to the event's details page (viewing, not editing) and press the "Menu button (3 dots)"

6. click "Debug: Send event info"

7. Confirm sending the e-mail to us. 

8. Let us know that the e-mail was sent in to 

9. Remember to uncheck the "Enable diagnostics" checkbox again.

The following information would also be very helpful in diagnosing your issue:

  1. What is the make & model of your phone? 
  2. Which version of Android do you run? 
  3. Are events created in other calendar apps editable? If so, which other calendar app? 
  4. (Optional) Which version of Exchange do you run?
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