Time is wrong in DigiCal



  • The time in DigiCal does not match your device time.
  • Events are shown at the wrong time of day (usually 1 hour off).

Are you affected?

Open DigiCal and go into the Week View. Find the blue line indicating the current time of day. If the time it indicates does not match the time on your device clock, you are affected by this issue.

This issue is known to occur in:

  • Chile
  • Mongolia
  • Morocco
  • most of Russia


The rules regarding daylight savings time have recently changed in your timezone. Perhaps you just started using daylight savings, or you no longer observe it, whether permanently or temporarily. For your device to be aware of this change, its timezone rules needs to be updated.

Updating the timezone rules on your device requires a firmware update. Sadly, many manufacturers probably will not release an update for these changes, especially for older devices. This means that your device will not be made aware of the new rules.

So, why is DigiCal different? Since the 1.2 update, we package our own (updated) timezone rules into the app. This means that our date & time calculations are correct, but may differ from calculations performed using the device default rules. Because most apps use the system default timezone rules, they will show incorrect date & time values. Just like your device clock.


If you have root on your device:

  1. You can choose to update the daylight saving rules yourself with the TimeZone Fixer app. Please note that this is unsupported by us, or your phone and tablet's manufacturer - please contact the developer of the app for questions and issues.
  2. If you don't want to do this - follow the instructions below for a supported workaround that doesn't require root.

If your timezone does NOT observe daylight savings time (summer time):

1. Find the GMT offset of your timezone. For instance, if your timezone is at GMT+3, then you have a +3 offset. If your timezone is at GMT-8, then you have a -8 offset.

You can find a list of timezones by country on Wikipedia.

2. Install TimeZone Changer from Futurek.Inc which will let you change your device timezone to a fixed-offset timezone. This option is not normally available in your device settings.

3. Open TimeZone Changer and go into the "Etc" category.

4. Select the timezone matching your GMT offset with its sign inverted. For example, if your timezone is at GMT+3 (GMT plus 3), select the Etc/GMT-3 (Etc/GMT minus 3) timezone. If your timezone is at GMT-8 (GMT minus 8), select the Etc/GMT+8 (Etc/GMT plus 8) timezone.

5. Reboot your device.

6. Your device timezone is now set correctly.

7. If your device time (as shown by the system clock) is now wrong, go into your device's "Date and time" settings and enable "Automatic date and time".
If you have enabled "Automatic date and time" and your device time is still wrong, disable "Automatic date and time" and manually set the correct time.

If your timezone DOES observe daylight savings time:

  1. Follow the steps above.

  2. Repeat the steps above every time DST starts or ends.
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