What's the difference between DigiCal and DigiCal+?


DigiCal is the offered for free to all users.

DigiCal+ unlocks the following premium features in DigiCal:

  1. No advertising
  2. Year view with heat map for spotting free/busy periods
  3. Text Month widget and Month widget (also available in lock screen widget)
  4. Configure background colors and transparency for the widgets using the color picker or by inserting hex code
  5. Customize text size and text colors in the widgets
  6. Select which calendars to display in your widgets
  7. 7 extra widget themes
  8. Choose from 4 different widget font styles (thin, light, normal and condensed)
  9. Choose from 42 additional primary colors in DigiCal to pair with your light or dark calendar theme.
  10. Hide week numbers in the app's Month and Text Month views
  11. Change the font size in Text Month view.
  12. Default snooze options (instead of the standard 10 minutes).

We are planning to release more paid-only features in the near future. Through the purchase of DigiCal+, you are directly supporting the development of DigiCal. Find out how to upgrade to DigiCal+ here.


How to check if DigiCal+ is active?

1. No advertisements are shown in DigiCal+.

2. Year view: Quickly scroll through years with our year view with heat map for spotting free/busy periods. 



3. Extra month and text month widget: In addition to the 4 free widget types, you will unlock the month and text month widgets. All 6 widget types are also available as lock screen widgets.



4. Customize background colors and transparency: Create your own widget style by choosing different background colors and transparency with the color picker. Available in all widget types. 


5. Change font sizes & colors!: In the widget configuration window, you can now change the font size of the line items as well as the font colors. 



6. Select which calendars to display: Digical+ users can also select which calendars to display in the widgets. This is very handy for those who have multiple calendars from one or more accounts. This also allows you, for example, to have 2 separate widgets on your home screen: one for your work events and another one for your personal events.

Default: you can choose to have the same calendars displayed in your widget as the ones you have selected for DigiCal. Just click on 'Default'.

Or you can display just a select handful of calendars. After you have selected them, click 'Save'.



7. Extra widget themes: You can choose from 7 extra widget themes. With so many choices you can and will always find a stylish widget theme that suits your taste!




8. Customize your font style: There are 4 font styles you can use: thin, light, normal and condensed. Read here how to adjust them.



9. Extra primary theme colors: In addition to the default DigiCal blue and black, as a DigiCal+ user, you get access to 42 additional primary colors in DigiCal to pair with your light or dark calendar theme.



10. Hide week numbers: In the Text Month and Month calendar view, you can select to hide this option to have some more screen space to view events.


11. Change font size in Text Month view.



12. Custom snooze time: Instead of the standard 10 minutes, you can change the default snooze time to your preference. 

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