DigiCal+ upgrade with in app purchase


If you have purchased the DigiCal+ upgrade via in app purchase in DigiCal, for example with a promotion, you do not need to install the DigiCal+ key separately from the Play Store.

All the DigiCal+ features should become available in DigiCal!


To check if you have purchased DigiCal+ through an in-app purchase:

1. Open de Navigation drawer (tap on the top left button)

2. Scroll down and tap on Preferences

3. Scroll down and tap on My Purchases


If the "My Purchases" screen in DigiCal shows your order, it has been activated correctly.


If you cannot find your purchase, try to install DigiCal again using the web version of Google Play.

  1. Start your internet browser (Google Chrome/Firefox/Internet Exploder) on your computer
  2. Go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digibites.calendar&
  3. Log in with your Google Play account 
  4. Install DigiCal
  5. The DigiCal+ in-app upgrade should now be activated


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  • Avatar
    Zdeněk Žižka

    I have problem with instalation of digical+ to my mobil. If I feel my password this program ask for password again and again. What is the matter? I paid it and I can not put this application to my mobil. Can you help me? My number of mobil is: czech republik 728 211 158. Thanks. Zanne

  • Avatar
    komang juni Arthawan

    I can purchuse the application? It say error

  • Avatar
    komang juni Arthawan

    I can purchuse the application? It say error

  • Avatar
    Ethan Winning

    It says I'm registered and have paid. But it says that the ads will resume in THREE DAYS!

    Also, the weather only extends three days, not 15 as stated in Google Play.

  • Avatar

    In app purchase can be installed in more than one device?

  • Avatar
    Katherine Jones

    I purchased this on my other phone and want to use it on my new phone. I've uninstalled the other and still can't get the purchased version on my new phone. I've got my Order# and everything, but not success.

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