Calendar views: Text month view


1. Navigation: Swipe left or right. 

Like in any other view, swipe left or right to navigate to the previous or next view.


2. Double tap to zoom into day or week view

  • If you tap on a week number on the left-hand side of the calendar, you will get the week view.
  • Double-tapping on a particular day will let you zoom into the day view. 



New version:


3. New event and paste

Besides pressing on the + icon on the upper right-hand corner, you can also create a new event by long-pressing (tap and keep pressure) on an empty spot where you want to schedule the new event.

To create a new event or paste an event, tap and hold an event or an empty spot in the events list. For non all day events, you'll be asked at what time the event should be pasted.


4. Selection, cut and copy

Tap any event to select it, and use the contextual action bar on the top to cut or copy it. There's also a shortcut to edit or delete the event here.


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