Widget tutorial part 1 - How to add, customize, resize and remove a widget on my homescreen


Widgets let you access application information and services directly from your homescreen, without having to open the actual app. In this tutorial, we're going to explain how to add, resize and delete a widget.

 1. Make sure you have cleared your home screen so there's enough space to add a widget on your homescreen

2. Depending on your device you will need to either A) press the menu button on the lower left side of your phone and select ‘Add apps and widgets, B) press the app drawer button at the bottom of your homescreen and click on the "widgets" tab, or C) long press an empty area of your homescreen.

3. Scroll through the list of widgets until you find the DigiCal widgets


 4. Choose your desired DigiCal widget size and tap and hold to place it on your home screen

 5. Now it will take you directly to the widget configuration window

6. Select the type of widget you want to add. You can choose from: List, Day, Day List, Day Grid, Text Month (DigiCal+ only), Month Calendar (DigiCal+ only)

7. Select the widget theme you would like to use. For an overview of the 9 available widget themes, take a look here

8. Select Save

9. Now the widget is displayed on your home screen

10. Tap on the right upper corner (cogwheel) to get back to the widget configuration window


11. When you long press on the widget, the widget will become transparent and you can move it. To remove it you can move it to the trash can. To resize it, remove your finger from the screen.


12. Drag the lines to make the widget smaller or larger



If you're interested in adding lock screen widgets on your lock screen, here's a tutorial explaining how to do so.

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    Derek Collins

    Saludos from Yucatán, Mexico! I just now downloaded the app onto my Xperia Z....played around for 10 min...and instantly upgraded. You've achieved the perfect blend of visuals and intuition. I look forward to seeing it unfold on my GalTab too. Down the road, will you be creating icon sets to enhance the calendar events? That would be awesome :-)

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    Thanks Derek for your compliments and your support! :)

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