Widget type: day widget



Day widget shows your appointments for the current day.

If you are not familiar with adding widgets on your home screen, check out our tutorial.

In the widget configuration window, you can customize your widget to your preferences.

When you select "Widget Type", you can choose up to 6 different widget types. Thanks to the live preview of the widget type, you can see how the widget type will look like on your home screen. Scroll through the list to access all the widget types.
When you select "Theme", you can choose up to 9 different widget themes. Thanks to the live preview of the widget theme, you can check if the widget theme will suit your home screen background. 

When you select "Font size", you can apply the font size preset for your widget, saving you all the trouble of adjusting the font size for all the individual items.

When you select "Font style", you can choose from a variety font style to suit your widget design. Please note that this is a DigiCal+ feature only.

When you select calendars to display, you can choose which calendars to show up in one specific widget. For example you can create one widget for work appointments and another for personal events. Please note that this is only available for DigiCal+.

Here we will explain the layout options.

You can choose whether the events will be hidden or shown, as well as whether past events should be shown. You can also choose to have the number of events on the day counted and displayed in your widget; this will be displayed under the day (circled in the picture below). Another option is to show the time at which the event starts and where it takes place (underlined in the picture below). If you choose not to display them, just untick the appropriate box under layout options.
Please note that the option "Show events counts" will only work, if you have hided the widget header. Here's a help page explaining how to do that.

Here we will explain more about the header customization options.

You can choose to change the header title size. When you adjust the font size, a live preview of the size will be shown, giving you a better idea of how it will look like in the widget.
Background colors (DigiCal+ only) can be changed with the handy color picker. On the left halve of the inner circle you will see your current color, on the right halve you can check your new color. 
Here we will explain more about the weather customization options.
You can choose whether you would like the weather and temperature to be shown and you can change the weather icon size. 
All colors of the widget are adjustable. By using a theme you don't have to do this yourself, but if you wish to do this yourself, please read this article
You can also choose to adjust the font size for all the widget items, if you feel like the font size presets don't offer enough customization. Please note that this is a DigiCal+ feature. Choose an option and move to slider to the text size you like. A preview of the new size will be shown above the slider. Simply click save to confirm your choice or cancel to start over.
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